As you already know, All Elite Wrestling is interested in collaborating with Impact Wrestling and plans to do something interesting by merging, apart from WWE, two of the largest American wrestling companies. The potential collaboration of the two promotions has become one of the most discussed topics of the last day and Triple H spoke about this topic in an interview with reporters. The player stated that WWE is always open to cooperation with other companies, but for this to happen, they must receive an offer that will interest them for a long period of time, since Vince McMahon is not interested in deals for several months. “We are open to business in many ways and in many things. The thoughts and misconceptions of people, their supposed knowledge of what we do and how we think, are often very misinterpreted and inaccurate. Are we open to the right business proposals? Yes. We are open to everything at any time. It only depends on what they are and whether they are beneficial to us in the long term. When I talk about the long term, I don’t mean three months, but ten years. Long-term offers. This is how we think. We are not in a position to worry about every minute of our lives. We are open to big business and are ready to consider working with other promotions, if it will be beneficial for us over a long period of time. I know Vince talked a lot on this subject, and I was with him long enough to understand his view of the company’s movement. If it’s right for a business, it is open to any suggestions, ”says Trirl H.

Dave Meltzer praises John Moxley vs. Kenny Omega’s AEW Winter is Coming match

The main event of yesterday’s AEW Dynamite special, Winter is Coming, was the meeting between John Moxley and Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship. An unauthorized match has already taken place between the guys in 2019, and then he received 4.5 stars. This time, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer, the guys kept the bar, as the match also received 4.5 stars.