For more than two months, Daniel Bryan has been absent from the WWE show, and his last match so far is the final of the tournament for the Intercontinental championship against AJ styles. Wrestling Observer Newsletter shares the reasons for the performer’s absence. The source draws attention to the fact that Brian disappeared shortly after the segment with AJ Styles and Renee young, who were later found to have a coronavirus. Moreover, his wife bree Bella was late in pregnancy at the time, so Brian’s “vacation” is a kind of precautionary measure. However, a month has passed since the birth of Daniel’s second child, so it is quite possible that soon we will see him again on the screens.

Chris Jericho finds it impossible to join Brock Lesnar to AEW

During his recent interview with Sportskeeda, AEW star Chris Jericho discussed the free agent status that Brock Lesnar currently has. As it turned out, the “God of Demos” does not believe that Lesnar will be able to get out of the hands of Vince Mcman, because they have a strange “love affair”. “I don’t think he’s really a free agent at all. I think it takes too much money to poach Brock himself and then get Vince to approveā€¦ I mean, Vince has two billion dollars in the Bank. What can you spend on Brock Lesnar that Vince can’t? For starters, Vince and Brock have a strange love affair, ” says Chris.

WWE banned its stars from interacting with fans on Twitch and Cameo

Recently, the Cameo platform for video greetings has become increasingly popular among wwe stars, and some, such as AJ styles, also use Twitch to communicate with fans. Apparently, they won’t be able to do that now. According to Wrestling Inc, Vince McManus last week issued a decree that talents can no longer” interact with external third parties, ” which will presumably include platforms such as Cameo and Twitch. During a conference last Sunday, employees were told that WWE owns not only the names of their characters, but also real names. Now the stars have until October 2 to stop interacting with third parties. Fines, suspensions and contract cancellations will be used as punishment for ignoring the new ban. A little later, Fightful reported that the stars are dissatisfied with the new decree. The reason for this ban is the leakage of confidential information.