Brock Lesnar will be featured in the big match at WrestleMania 37? Other planned fights for the main event of the year are known

Brock Lesnar’s current contract with WWE expired in early September and the former world champion is still a free agent to this day. According to WrestleVotes, WWE is going to use Brock Lesnar in a big three-way battle with Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee at WrestleMania 37. In addition, according to the resource, fights of […]

The reason for Daniel Bryan’s absence from the WWE show is known

For more than two months, Daniel Bryan has been absent from the WWE show, and his last match so far is the final of the tournament for the Intercontinental championship against AJ styles. Wrestling Observer Newsletter shares the reasons for the performer’s absence. The source draws attention to the fact that Brian disappeared shortly after […]