Roman Raines is looking forward to the moment when he can return to WWE, but his time has not yet come. He is now at home in full quarantine, as he is concerned about the health of his family during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

In the news source Ringside News, an article appeared in which it is said that the return of Roman Reigns to the wwe ring is not yet out of the question.

Giving an interview to the daily newspaper “Hindu”, Roman Raines shared his thoughts about when his return to WWE will take place. He is looking forward to “breaking everyone” in the ring, and he is absolutely ready for it. He didn’t stop training. You just need to wait for the moment when the level of the new coronavirus pandemic subsides, or when a vaccine for the deadly infection appears.

I’m ready to break everyone up, if you know what I mean. I’ve been training my ass off while this pandemic has been going on. You ask about performances in empty halls, with no audience, I will say this, it is incredibly difficult, and I have great admiration and respect for all the guys and divas who performed in this mode. No matter what I did in the ring, I always paid attention to the reaction of the audience in the hall, I tried to always be in a dialogue with our fans… so it’s very difficult to perform in an empty hall.

If I have to perform without an audience, I am ready to take up my job and do it at the highest level… I hope I can regain the title. More specifically, the title of champion of the Universe. But even if there is no question of a title match, I will still go into the ring to prove to everyone that I am not just on top of a mountain, I am that mountain myself. I’m the biggest star in WWE, and it doesn’t matter if I’m currently on the show or not… so I have everything to prove my power, just like I have something to lose.

Roman Reigns was scheduled to fight Goldberg at the WrestleMania show. He was ready for the match, but the situation with the pandemic forced him to refuse to enter the ring. Roman Raines went home, and Bron Strowman performed in his place.

There is no doubt that Raines will return to performing, but it is necessary to wait for this moment. At least he is not losing good shape and is ready for his next appearance in the ring, when he can break all his rivals.