Ricky Starks, a member of the newly strengthened Tez Team, was a guest on Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube channel yesterday. In the course of the conversation, the current AEW roster talked about how the WWE tried to win him over after seeing his debut in AEW against Cody for the TNT title: “The funny thing is that on the day I fought Cody, I got a call from WWE and said, “Hey, we were watching you and we would like to invite you.” I said, “Really? Okay. Interesting. Out of all the days [you chose this].” And I kept this conversation going because I was curious, but I think I already knew what decision I was going to make. I had one very dear, great friend who once told me: you should stay close to people who want to invest in you without knowing anything about you, and not to people who wanted to get you only when they saw that someone else is interested. It puts things in perspective, and I don’t have any grudge against the WWE, but I really think they rushed to me mainly because of that. I’ll never know why, and I think I don’t care anymore. “

Shotzy Blackheart opens up about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child from a relative

NXT star Shotzy Blackheart was on Lillian Garcia’s podcast talking about the sexual abuse she faced as a child. Shotzi said that her uncle raped her for a long time, until she dared to tell the school psychologist about it. “To be honest, I had a rather difficult childhood. I constantly ran to live either with my mother, or with my father, or with my friend at a very young age. I have dealt with a lot of sexual assault over the years. Once I decided to confess it and went to a school psychologist, after which my uncle went to jail. He sits there to this day. But when I opened up on this topic, some of my family did not believe me, but my father really helped me through it. And also the musical theater saved me a lot. That’s why I loved performing so much – it was a big outlet for me. This was my therapy. I know I’m not the only one. A lot of girls deal with this …. it’s a crazy amount of girls. I urge all girls to come to me with this question, I will try to help as much as I can, ”says Shotzi.