Rey Mysterio on the Keepin It 100 podcast discussed his son’s wrestling debut. During the conversation, Mysterio recalled the untold number of injuries and said that stem cell treatment helps him perform actively in the ring to this day. “Stem cell treatment helps regenerate and heal any part of your body that has been affected by injuries. Considering the number of operations I had on my left knee, it helped me a lot. Any of my injuries brought me to the hyperbaric chamber. I had injections in my left and right knee. I repaired my shoulder, which I injured in the match against Samoa Joe at Money in the Vapka, and I also repaired my ankle, which I injured before WrestleMania, and both of my wrists, and both of my biceps, since both of them are torn. I also treated my spine, it was probably the worst pain, ” Mysterio said. When asked how long he can still be active at this level, ray said: “at the rate I’m going, I can imagine myself doing this for about five more years, so I’ll probably retire after 2025 if my health doesn’t let me down.”

Chris Jericho wants Samoa Joe in AEW

Right now, Samoa Joe is part of the WWE commentary team and it doesn’t look like that will change in the foreseeable future. However, in an interview with Saturday Night Special, Chris Jericho said that he would like to see Joe in AEW, and answering the question about who from WWE he would like to see in All Elite. I don’t know if Joe is injured right now or if he’s not feeling well, but I’ll tell you what, he’s an amazing wrestler. He’s a great speaker and just a great guy, I’d love to see him at AEW. I don’t know if he wants to. He may be injured and he’s a great commentator, so if he comes to AEW and steals my potential commentator position, then forget it.