The main event of TLC was the unusual Inferno Match, which ended with Randy Orton burning his opponent on a live stream of the show. After that, he made an appearance on Raw and explained that after the Fiend was burned, he lost the voices in his head that had existed with him for many years. A little later, Randy Orton went to social networks to share his emotions after watching the series The Mandalorian. In response to his recording, T-Bar from the Retribution group reacted and invited him to join their team. “Hey Randy Orton, the way you brutally killed the WWE superstar deeply touched the hearts of everyone at Retribution. I want you to know that our doors are now always open for you, ”writes T-Bar.

Drew McIntyre shares what Vince McMahon told him after returning to main roster

Drew McIntyre returned to the main roster in April 2018, marking his first appearance on Raw since being fired in 2014. As a guest on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions podcast, the reigning WWE champion recalled his return to the main roster and shared how Vince McMahon reacted. “I remember going back to the main roster on Raw. I came backstage at the show and no one from the management spoke to me. I was very nervous because I had to appear in the ring in the segment with Dolph Ziggler and was afraid that people would forget me. Then I entered the ring, quickly dealt with Titus O’Neill and Apollo Crews, and stood next to Dolph Ziggler, and the fans began to chant my name. At that moment, I felt that a large weight fell from my shoulders, which pressed me all this day. I went backstage to the burning position, there were a lot of people, but Vince got up and hugged me first. He hugged him and said: “Welcome home”, and only after that we began to talk to him. During that period, it was mainly about the present. After a while, he and I began to return to my past, indulging in memories. But these were mostly some funny memories from the past. On the case, we always discussed what is happening now and what will happen to me next, ”says McIntyre.