Jon Moxley revealed what he plans to do at AEW after losing the World championship

At the recent All Out, Jon Moxley defended his AEW World championship for the fifth time. His run has already surpassed Chris Jericho’s title run in length, but we understand that sooner or later he will still have to hand over his title to some other star. During an interview on Busted Open Radio, Jon Moxley said that he would not mind going to conquer the team division after losing his title, and even named possible team partners: “One day, maybe Brody [Lee] and I can act as a Shield-Wyatt super team or something. Maybe with someone I’ll get praise from, like a guy like PUCK, or even young guys like Joey.

Chris Jericho shared his reaction to Roman Raines ‘ hill turn

The return and Hil-turn of Roman Raines was one of the most discussed events of the last month. Chris Jericho during his traditional stream Saturday Night Special answered a question from one of the fans and told how he feels about the idea of making a Raines heal Novel. “Oh, you know, I like sickly-tern of the Novel Raines. I really like the idea of putting Paul Heyman on it. They look really cool together. I think it’s great. You know, I’ve been saying for years that Roman Raines will become an even bigger star if he’s allowed to just be himself. I think he’s going to be an even bigger star now, ” Jericho says.

AJ styles was in the original plans for the first episode of AEW Dynamite

It turns out that the first episode of AEW Dynamite was supposed to be a big meeting of former Bullet Club members. Young Bucks and Kenny omega were supposed to meet AJ Styles, Carl Anderson, and Luke Gallows, but the plans fell through at the last minute. Matt Jackson spoke about the initial plans for the first broadcast of AEW Dynamite during the Talk N ‘ Shop podcast. He, without naming AJ styles, said that he, along with Anderson and Gallows, was supposed to appear on the first episode and make a huge splash on the audience, but plans changed closer to the show. “What people don’t know is that for the first episode of Dynamite, we were going to invite not just Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows, but another person with them, who I won’t name, but this guy is also from Bullet Club, which is probably better not to mention.” Jackson also said that the interest from AEW helped AJ Styles sign a very good contract in terms of money, which was the main reason why plans for the first episode of Dynamite fell through. “When we were originally going to do the first Dynamite broadcast, we were preparing it at the Madison Square Garden arena. After the team match, the three of them were supposed to jump over the fence to join us in the ring, and we were going to have something like a big meeting of Bullet Club members. We would have done everything Too Sweet, and then the three of them would have attacked us, beating us to death, which would have led to a big story. But it obviously didn’t work. I remember the first guy in this conversation we’re talking about called us and said: “Sorry, guys, I just got a really good offer, and I would never have gotten it without interest from you, so I’ll stay here, but I want to say thank you very much.”

The reason for Daniel Bryan’s absence from the WWE show is known

For more than two months, Daniel Bryan has been absent from the WWE show, and his last match so far is the final of the tournament for the Intercontinental championship against AJ styles. Wrestling Observer Newsletter shares the reasons for the performer’s absence. The source draws attention to the fact that Brian disappeared shortly after the segment with AJ Styles and Renee young, who were later found to have a coronavirus. Moreover, his wife bree Bella was late in pregnancy at the time, so Brian’s “vacation” is a kind of precautionary measure. However, a month has passed since the birth of Daniel’s second child, so it is quite possible that soon we will see him again on the screens.

Chris Jericho finds it impossible to join Brock Lesnar to AEW

During his recent interview with Sportskeeda, AEW star Chris Jericho discussed the free agent status that Brock Lesnar currently has. As it turned out, the “God of Demos” does not believe that Lesnar will be able to get out of the hands of Vince Mcman, because they have a strange “love affair”. “I don’t think he’s really a free agent at all. I think it takes too much money to poach Brock himself and then get Vince to approve… I mean, Vince has two billion dollars in the Bank. What can you spend on Brock Lesnar that Vince can’t? For starters, Vince and Brock have a strange love affair, ” says Chris.

WWE banned its stars from interacting with fans on Twitch and Cameo

Recently, the Cameo platform for video greetings has become increasingly popular among wwe stars, and some, such as AJ styles, also use Twitch to communicate with fans. Apparently, they won’t be able to do that now. According to Wrestling Inc, Vince McManus last week issued a decree that talents can no longer” interact with external third parties, ” which will presumably include platforms such as Cameo and Twitch. During a conference last Sunday, employees were told that WWE owns not only the names of their characters, but also real names. Now the stars have until October 2 to stop interacting with third parties. Fines, suspensions and contract cancellations will be used as punishment for ignoring the new ban. A little later, Fightful reported that the stars are dissatisfied with the new decree. The reason for this ban is the leakage of confidential information.

Makhov still became an Olympic champion. But not on the carpet, but because of the disqualification of both finalists

An amazing story from the fight. After all, Makhov himself is now suspended for using growth hormone.
Everyone is already used to the fact that doping news from the IOC is always bad for Russia. Our athletes are either accused of something again, or their old medals are taken away from them. Today is a nice exception. As a result of two disqualifications, the Olympic gold of London goes to the famous heavyweight with an amazing fate — Bilal Makhov.

Makhov’s competitors were disqualified for the second time
Wrestling has never been considered a doping sport. This is in the 800 m, in weightlifting or Cycling, after rechecking samples a few years after the competition, the entire top six, or even eight, can be suspended. It is all the more surprising that two wrestling disqualifications happened in the same weight category at once. And if you dig into this story-it becomes quite uncomfortable.

First they caught David Modzmanashvili, who beat Makhov in the semi-final in London 2012. It is interesting that for the Georgian wrestler this violation became the second. Back in 2008, he won Europe, but after his test gave a positive result and the athlete was sent to a two-year ban.

And six months after the news about Modzmanashvili about the 2012 Games, even more sensational news arrived — the winner of that Olympics, Artur Taymazov, also failed to pass the doping test of time. And his sample is positive.

What is most surprising, and for Taimazov this violation is the second. After London, Arthur became a true legend of Uzbekistan. The most decorated athlete in the history of the country. He has three Olympic golds, plus a silver in Sydney 2000. This is despite the fact that the whole of Uzbekistan at that time had six Olympic victories. In all kinds of sports.

However, in 2017, Taimazov was stripped of Beijing gold — reanalysis revealed banned turinabol and stanozolol. Gold, curiously, also passed to Russia-Bakhtiar Akhmedov. He lost Taymazov in the final. And two years later, for the same turinabol, his results were canceled for London. Thus, Arthur became the first wrestler in history to be stripped of two Olympic gold medals at once. Now Taymazov is a state Duma Deputy.

History of freestyle wrestling

The appearance of wrestling as an element of military and applied art dates back to ancient times. Wrestling was one of the most popular sports in the program of the ancient Olympic games. But it was classical, or as it is accepted to call it later Greco-Roman wrestling. Wrestling freestyle appeared much later, and its main difference from the classic, was a more diverse Arsenal of techniques for gaining the upper hand over the opponent.

The essence of the fight, which takes place between two wrestlers, is that one of them must lay the other on both shoulders, using different techniques. In free-style wrestling, throws, grabs of the opponent’s legs, cuts and turns are allowed. The fight is given 5 minutes. If the winner is not identified after they expire, an additional 3 minutes are assigned. The meeting lasts until the winner is identified and is extended if necessary. The English County of Lancashire is considered the birthplace of free-style wrestling. Later, free-style wrestling was brought by European immigrants to North America, where it became widespread. It was especially loved by students of higher educational institutions in the United States, where freestyle wrestling proved to be a very tough and aggressive sport, in which there are no restrictions for techniques, including painful grabs, pressure on the joints of the limbs and other dirty nuances that were considered permitted. When the Olympics were held in St. Louis in 1904, the freestyle wrestling tournament was included in the Olympic games program for the first time. Lobbyists of this type of martial arts, as hosts of the Olympics, were the Americans. The Olympic Committee made concessions and included this type of wrestling in the competition called free style wrestling. All athletes declared to participate in the wrestling tournament represented the United States. European athletes, mostly, were not familiar with this type of martial arts, which is why they did not participate in the freestyle wrestling tournament. Over the following years, starting in 1904, the athletes of the US national team won more than a hundred Olympic freestyle wrestling awards of various merits.

After a while, free-style wrestling began to spread in other countries. It became extremely popular and loved by the Soviet Union, Turkey and Iran. It became most popular in the Transcaucasian republics of the USSR. It was popular in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. The first free-style wrestling championship in the Soviet Union was held back in 1945. He made his Olympic debut 7 years later in 1952. For many years, Soviet and now Russian athletes have been irreconcilable rivals of the Americans in this type of wrestling. In 1912, the international Union of wrestlers was established and started functioning. Today it includes more than 130 national federations. 1921 was the year of formation of the International Amateur wrestling Federation. The first European championship was held in Paris in 1928. Since 1951, world Championships have been held. Women’s freestyle wrestling was included in the Olympic games program only in 2004 at the Athens Olympics.

Former member of the Bulgarian national wrestling team Shterev died from COVID-19 at 33

Former member of the Bulgarian national freestyle wrestling team Nikolay Shterev died at the age of 33 from the effects of COVID-19.

— The son of the famous wrestler and trainer Simeon Shterev was hospitalized in a serious condition. And later his father confirmed that he underestimated the situation and asked for help when his son could no longer breathe, — the website of the Bulgarian wrestling Federation says.
In 2011, Shterev won the gold belt of the Dan Kolov tournament in the weight category up to 125 kilograms.

In 2019, he passed a positive doping test for the banned drug cardarin, for which he was banned from competition for four years and this led to the end of his sports career.

Bilal Makhov – on a positive doping test: “This inattention was not malicious intent»

Russian freestyle wrestler Bilal Makhov explained the situation with a positive doping test, which was taken in January this year.

“I still have goals and desires, and I have ambitions,” Makhov said. — But in order to implement them, I need to have a healthy and strong body. And this requires time and attention to it. Now there is a certain stage that I need to go through. As for the situation with RUSADA,I would not say that there are any disputes. But there is a point — I made certain mistakes and some inattention. And now I need to explain to RUSADA — in the sense that this inattention was not some malicious intent. And this inattention of mine must now be justified and proved. And based on this, expect how RUSADA will consider the situation in the future and make its decision.
We will remind, Makhov was recognized as the winner of the freestyle wrestling tournament in the weight category up to 120 kilograms at the London Olympics after rechecking the samples, which revealed violations by the previously recognized winner of the representative of Uzbekistan Artur Taymazov and the finalist of the Georgian David Modzmanishvili. In addition, the 32-year-old Russian is a three-time world champion.


Roman Raines is looking forward to the moment when he can return to WWE, but his time has not yet come. He is now at home in full quarantine, as he is concerned about the health of his family during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

In the news source Ringside News, an article appeared in which it is said that the return of Roman Reigns to the wwe ring is not yet out of the question.

Giving an interview to the daily newspaper “Hindu”, Roman Raines shared his thoughts about when his return to WWE will take place. He is looking forward to “breaking everyone” in the ring, and he is absolutely ready for it. He didn’t stop training. You just need to wait for the moment when the level of the new coronavirus pandemic subsides, or when a vaccine for the deadly infection appears.

I’m ready to break everyone up, if you know what I mean. I’ve been training my ass off while this pandemic has been going on. You ask about performances in empty halls, with no audience, I will say this, it is incredibly difficult, and I have great admiration and respect for all the guys and divas who performed in this mode. No matter what I did in the ring, I always paid attention to the reaction of the audience in the hall, I tried to always be in a dialogue with our fans… so it’s very difficult to perform in an empty hall.

If I have to perform without an audience, I am ready to take up my job and do it at the highest level… I hope I can regain the title. More specifically, the title of champion of the Universe. But even if there is no question of a title match, I will still go into the ring to prove to everyone that I am not just on top of a mountain, I am that mountain myself. I’m the biggest star in WWE, and it doesn’t matter if I’m currently on the show or not… so I have everything to prove my power, just like I have something to lose.

Roman Reigns was scheduled to fight Goldberg at the WrestleMania show. He was ready for the match, but the situation with the pandemic forced him to refuse to enter the ring. Roman Raines went home, and Bron Strowman performed in his place.

There is no doubt that Raines will return to performing, but it is necessary to wait for this moment. At least he is not losing good shape and is ready for his next appearance in the ring, when he can break all his rivals.

Olympic wrestling champion Ivanitsky disappeared in the Moscow region

82-year-old Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Alexander Ivanitsky disappeared in the Moscow region, reports “R-Sport”. The pensioner left the house in the Ruza district of the city and disappeared.

“The duty unit in the RUz city district received a statement from relatives about the search for a father born in 1937, who left home on July 22. Its location is currently being established, ” the police said.

Alexander Ivanitsky-Soviet freestyle wrestler and Sambo wrestler, Olympic champion in 1964, multiple world champion, winner and prize-winner of the USSR freestyle wrestling Championships, honored master of sports of the USSR, and later a long-term head of the main editorial office of sports programs of the USSR state television and radio.

Missing Olympic freestyle wrestling champion Ivanitsky found dead in Moscow region

82-year-old Olympic freestyle wrestling champion Alexander Ivanitsky was found dead in one of the forests of the Moscow region, TASS reports, citing volunteers who were searching for the journalist.

Ivanitsky was reported missing yesterday, July 24. According to his son Vladimir, Alexander went for mushrooms a few days ago, but never returned home.

Alexander Ivanitsky-Soviet freestyle wrestler, Sambo wrestler, Olympic champion in 1964, multiple world champion, winner and medalist of the USSR freestyle wrestling Championships, honored master of sports of the USSR, later-long-term head of the main editorial office of sports programs of the USSR state television and radio.

Earlier, the son of the champion suggested that the father could have drowned when crossing the river. According to Vladimir, his father’s basket with things washed up on the shore.

Legendary wrestler Alexander Karelin will leave the state Duma

Three-time Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Alexander Karelin will leave the State Duma of the Russian Federation after a single day of voting, which will be held in September 2020. It will go to the Federation Council, RBC reports, citing sources.

“He has already made a decision and a corresponding offer,” the source said.

Karelin declined to comment.

Karelin, 52, is a three — time Olympic winner, nine-time world champion, and 12-time European champion. During his career, he won 888 fights (887 in wrestling and 1 in MMA) and suffered two defeats. He is listed in the Guinness Book of records as an athlete who has not lost a single fight for 13 years. There are cases when opponents refused to fight with him.

All athletes of the Russian national wrestling team passed negative tests for coronavirus at the training camp in the Moscow region

All athletes of the Russian national wrestling team passed negative tests for coronavirus at the training camp in the Moscow region.

The Russian women’s national team started training on the basis of “round Lake” on July 11. The collection will last until July 29.

“All the test results taken from the athletes during the training camp showed a negative result.

And now all 30 girls invited to the training camp are working on the previously planned training program, ” – said the head of the women’s wrestling Department of the Russian wrestling Federation (FSBR) Alexander Borzunov.

Greco-Roman wrestling can be excluded from the program of the summer OI-2024

Namig Aliyev, a member of the Executive Committee of the United world of wrestling (UWW), said that Greco-Roman wrestling may be excluded from the program of the 2024 Olympic games in Paris.

“Recently, Greco-Roman wrestling has lost some popularity, despite the fact that UWW seeks to maintain the audience’s interest by making changes to the rules. In 2022, the youth Olympic games will be held in Dakar, where beach wrestling will take place instead of the Greco-Roman one. Based on the discussions at the meeting of THE uww Executive Committee, I can say that, most likely, Greco-Roman wrestling will not be included in the program of the 2024 Olympics, ” Aliyev is quoted as saying

Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the original Olympic sports that were on the program of the ancient Games.

Earlier it was reported that 60 years ago, German Hari was the first in history to run 100 meters in ten seconds.

Beleniuk, a wrestler and a member of the Parliament: Ukraine will light up the USA on the level of racism

Silver medalist of the 2016 Rio Olympics in Greco-Roman wrestling, and now a member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Jean Beleniuk, commenting on the situation with mass protests in connection with the death of George Floyd due to the actions of a police officer, compared the scale of problems with racial discrimination in Ukraine and in the United States.

Instagram: Beleniuk wrote:” when I am asked if I face racism in Ukraine, I always answer that I do not, although in my Teens I was not spared all sorts of attacks from various marginals.”

He noted that the manifestations of racism that he faced are not comparable to what can now be seen in the United States — in a country with a developed, seemingly, democracy.

“I will not call on everyone to be kinder and so on, just stating a fact: according to the level of racism, Ukraine will give the US a light easily, we have much less of it! This is one, but not the only reason why I am proud to be a Ukrainian and live in this country with its disadvantages and advantages! It’s racism… Racism goes out, today I’m George Floyd, ” the athlete added.

On may 25, an African-American man, George Floyd, was killed when a Minneapolis police officer, Derek Shawin, pressed his knee to his neck while he was lying face down on the road. This incident was caught on video and caused a wide response in the United States, provoking protests and riots across the country.

Freestyle wrestling: description, history and rules

Description of the sport
Freestyle wrestling is a sport, single combat, in which two people participate. The meaning of such a fight is to put your opponent on the shoulder in various ways – turns, throws, tripping, etc.

Such a match lasts exactly five minutes, during which the participant must score three cherished points to win. If neither side scores three points, the match continues-it is extended for three minutes. If there is no winner this time, the fight continues until one of the opponents scores points.

Freestyle wrestling is a fairly old sport, it counts for decades. It began to spread from England, slowly flowed to America, where the fight was gaining momentum among the public because of “wild” techniques: dislocations of joints, painful techniques, and so on.

Since 1904, freestyle wrestling has been included by the United States in the Olympic games. This brought the Americans much more victories than other countries their sports.

Such wrestling has become popular both in Turkey and in Iran, where the wrestlers of this sport are almost extolled as gods, and the sport itself becomes a national treasure of the countries. Free-style wrestling competitions are held here very actively. After all, many people like this sport very much.

The struggle continues to gain momentum among modern people, especially among young people.

The sponsor of the Washington Redskins found racism in the name of the club and asked to change it

One of the us postal companies that sponsors the national football League (NFL) club “Washington Redskins”, asked the club to change its name, as it, in its opinion, offends indigenous peoples. This is reported by CBN.

“Redskins” in English means “Redskins”, and the emblem of the club is an image of an Indian.

The Washington Redskins won the NFL regular season twice (1937, 1942), and also won the so-called super bowl, the final game of the NFL playoffs, three times (1982, 1987, 1991).

We will remind, currently in the United States there are mass protests related to the death of an African-American George Floyd, who died on may 25 at the hands of a police officer who used a chokehold during detention.

“Disaster, shame, humiliation.” Tina Kandelaki – about the situation with the VFL

Match TV General producer Tina Kandelaki spoke about the situation with the suspension of the all-Russian athletics Federation (VFL).

Recall that yesterday, July 2, the international Association of athletics federations (World Athletics) confirmed that the VFL did not pay the fine until July 1 and did not provide information about when the funds will be transferred. Consideration of the issue of granting neutral status to Russian athletes has been postponed until the Council, which will be held at the end of July. The Russian side’s debt to the international organization is $ 6.31 million, including a $ 5 million fine that has been known for a long time, and $ 1.31 million in expenses incurred by World Athletics from June 30, 2019 to March 31, 2020.

“Well, the all-Russian athletics Federation did not pay a fine in favor of World Athletics of 5 million dollars. The consequences (more than likely) will be: a) Stripping our athletes of the status of neutral athletes and b) doubling the fine.

The vfla has already stated (and this is all the Federation has done!) that it is not allowed to punish athletes. Masha Lasitskene – the undisputed world leader in her discipline-tried to save the situation, and this in itself is already a wild thing: an athlete already puts his entire life on the altar of endless training, earning glory for his country. Sports officials (with rare exceptions) we don’t run very well, and they only throw spears at each other.

The whole situation in our athletics in recent years is a disaster, a disgrace and a man-made humiliation of our own clean athletes, ” Kandelaki wrote in her telegram channel.