An amazing story from the fight. After all, Makhov himself is now suspended for using growth hormone.
Everyone is already used to the fact that doping news from the IOC is always bad for Russia. Our athletes are either accused of something again, or their old medals are taken away from them. Today is a nice exception. As a result of two disqualifications, the Olympic gold of London goes to the famous heavyweight with an amazing fate — Bilal Makhov.

Makhov’s competitors were disqualified for the second time
Wrestling has never been considered a doping sport. This is in the 800 m, in weightlifting or Cycling, after rechecking samples a few years after the competition, the entire top six, or even eight, can be suspended. It is all the more surprising that two wrestling disqualifications happened in the same weight category at once. And if you dig into this story-it becomes quite uncomfortable.

First they caught David Modzmanashvili, who beat Makhov in the semi-final in London 2012. It is interesting that for the Georgian wrestler this violation became the second. Back in 2008, he won Europe, but after his test gave a positive result and the athlete was sent to a two-year ban.

And six months after the news about Modzmanashvili about the 2012 Games, even more sensational news arrived — the winner of that Olympics, Artur Taymazov, also failed to pass the doping test of time. And his sample is positive.

What is most surprising, and for Taimazov this violation is the second. After London, Arthur became a true legend of Uzbekistan. The most decorated athlete in the history of the country. He has three Olympic golds, plus a silver in Sydney 2000. This is despite the fact that the whole of Uzbekistan at that time had six Olympic victories. In all kinds of sports.

However, in 2017, Taimazov was stripped of Beijing gold — reanalysis revealed banned turinabol and stanozolol. Gold, curiously, also passed to Russia-Bakhtiar Akhmedov. He lost Taymazov in the final. And two years later, for the same turinabol, his results were canceled for London. Thus, Arthur became the first wrestler in history to be stripped of two Olympic gold medals at once. Now Taymazov is a state Duma Deputy.