Today on Monday Night Raw, Lana played against Nai Jax, where after an unexpected victory, the first one was beaten by the team champions, with an accentuated damage to the leg. WWE announced that due to injury, Lana will miss TLC and Asuka will be forced to find a new teammate for the title match against Nai Jax and Shane Beisler. Earlier it was reported that Lana suffered an ankle injury in a match against Shane Beisler last week.

Later on the show, Dana Brook defeated Shayna Beisler by DC after Nai Jax intervened. After the match, Mandy Rose made her return and, together with Asuka, helped Dana Brook fight off further beating. Perhaps one of the Brook / Rose pair will be Asuka’s company on TLC.

AEW Turns Down Former WWE Tag Team Champion Darren Young Twice

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Darren Young, currently known as Fred Rosser, has tweeted about trying to join AEW. Fred offered his services to the newly formed company twice, but both times he was turned down. He also added that AEW was not his ultimate goal and he always wanted to be in NJPW, where he is currently out of contract.

Eugene shares how he brought Kevin Owens to tears when he talked about the idea for his new gimmick

Former WWE wrestler and trainer Eugene was on the podcast of journalist Chris Van Vlient, where he reminisced about his last few years with the company when he was a coach at NXT. Eugene revealed that he had his own class of young stars that he coached at NXT and remembered the story of playing Kevin Owens, making him panic and cry about his new look. “Bron Strowman started out in my class. Chad Gable started out in my class. I worked with Charlotte. I worked with Sasha Banks. Just before I left the company, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens were hired. They, like all recruits, are sent to a training center, where they sit for their entire first month. All newcomers are usually sent there and not released on screens until they sit for a month in the preparatory center, until they get to know everyone, learn how everything happens here and simply, until they get used to a new place of work. So, I’m in the ring giving another lesson in front of my classroom, and Kevin Owens sits in the ring side, because he just watches the lesson and gets to know all the processes. During the break, I sit next to him, we started talking about how he started wrestling. He revealed that his first coach was Jacques Rougeau (The Mountie). We discussed this topic and it takes about a couple of days. I go to him before the next lesson and say: “I talked with the leadership, they are preparing a new image for you. They’re going to make you the new Mountain to be the new Jacques Rougeau. ” Right after that, he started crying and telling me that I couldn’t let this happen. And in response I say to him: “Don’t be so categorical. It will be great! Damn, this is going to be amazing. Imagine having such a cool red uniform. And imagine if they still make Jacques your manager. It will be gorgeous. ” Haha, he started to panic so funny after that. Needless to say, it never happened, ”says Eugene.