Jim Ross on his latest podcast discussed the Miz’s career and recognized him as the industry’s super-successful wrestler. During the conversation, Ross recalled his first and only world title of his career, when he defended the championship against John Cena at WrestleMania 27. “I really don’t know why the Miz won the world title back then, because Vince made that decision on his own. I would say it was Vince’s gut feeling and he was confident enough that the Miz would make a contribution to the company as a WWE champion.

It was probably the most interesting way to get through this WrestleMania, and when people left this show, did they think about the Miz retaining the title? Or were they looking forward to Rock and Cena’s match? We both know the answer to that question. They were waiting for the Rock and Cena. He played an interim role that night, even being the main champion in the main event of WrestleMania,” Ross said. The legendary commentator also noted that he does not believe in another Miz title run with the WWE championship, although he notes that he will not be surprised by this decision. Jim added that wrestlers like the Miz don’t really need titles because they can attract attention in other ways. “You can never say never in WWE, because they do really strange things and from time to time beyond their own limits, which is not unusual for any professional genre or an entire creative group. I just don’t think the Miz will be a world champion again. But if it happens, will it surprise me? No, although I doubt that will happen. He’s one of the guys that Jake Roberts was. He doesn’t need a title to get to some goal. As long as Miz is able to communicate freely with everyone, he will be the best guy in the business,” Jim added.