The appearance of wrestling as an element of military and applied art dates back to ancient times. Wrestling was one of the most popular sports in the program of the ancient Olympic games. But it was classical, or as it is accepted to call it later Greco-Roman wrestling. Wrestling freestyle appeared much later, and its main difference from the classic, was a more diverse Arsenal of techniques for gaining the upper hand over the opponent.

The essence of the fight, which takes place between two wrestlers, is that one of them must lay the other on both shoulders, using different techniques. In free-style wrestling, throws, grabs of the opponent’s legs, cuts and turns are allowed. The fight is given 5 minutes. If the winner is not identified after they expire, an additional 3 minutes are assigned. The meeting lasts until the winner is identified and is extended if necessary. The English County of Lancashire is considered the birthplace of free-style wrestling. Later, free-style wrestling was brought by European immigrants to North America, where it became widespread. It was especially loved by students of higher educational institutions in the United States, where freestyle wrestling proved to be a very tough and aggressive sport, in which there are no restrictions for techniques, including painful grabs, pressure on the joints of the limbs and other dirty nuances that were considered permitted. When the Olympics were held in St. Louis in 1904, the freestyle wrestling tournament was included in the Olympic games program for the first time. Lobbyists of this type of martial arts, as hosts of the Olympics, were the Americans. The Olympic Committee made concessions and included this type of wrestling in the competition called free style wrestling. All athletes declared to participate in the wrestling tournament represented the United States. European athletes, mostly, were not familiar with this type of martial arts, which is why they did not participate in the freestyle wrestling tournament. Over the following years, starting in 1904, the athletes of the US national team won more than a hundred Olympic freestyle wrestling awards of various merits.

After a while, free-style wrestling began to spread in other countries. It became extremely popular and loved by the Soviet Union, Turkey and Iran. It became most popular in the Transcaucasian republics of the USSR. It was popular in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. The first free-style wrestling championship in the Soviet Union was held back in 1945. He made his Olympic debut 7 years later in 1952. For many years, Soviet and now Russian athletes have been irreconcilable rivals of the Americans in this type of wrestling. In 1912, the international Union of wrestlers was established and started functioning. Today it includes more than 130 national federations. 1921 was the year of formation of the International Amateur wrestling Federation. The first European championship was held in Paris in 1928. Since 1951, world Championships have been held. Women’s freestyle wrestling was included in the Olympic games program only in 2004 at the Athens Olympics.