Unlike other martial arts, where the victory is awarded after a knockout, freestyle wrestling is a competition between two athletes conducting certain actions (grabs and throws, turns and tripping, sweeps and other technical techniques) with the sole purpose – to attach both the opponent’s shoulder blades to the carpet, thereby achieving victory.

Greco-Roman wrestling is considered to be a classic, the “experience” of which is counted for thousands of years, and freestyle – for centuries. According to the latest historical data, since the XVIII century, the British held wrestling matches, using techniques with the capture of the legs with their hands and the use of legs for throws.

In the same century, the struggle “moved” to the place where the settlers sought, where it was called “grab as you can”for its democracy and freedom in the use of techniques. Although in the New World, the popular form of wrestling has received another interpretation – professional. This direction originated in the student community. There were rules that designated the main techniques and elements of a new type, which, by the way, is very close to what is now called “free-style wrestling”.

Basic rule
In accordance with the first rules, the “wrestlers” won the one who managed to press the opponent’s back to the carpet. However, later an innovation was introduced, which stated that you can win by the number of points. In order to defeat an opponent, the wrestler has exactly 5 minutes. If during this time period it is not possible to “extinguish” (win a clear victory) or achieve it on points (at least three), the referee adds another 3 minutes. The fight will continue until the winning end, when either of the two wrestlers either makes a touch, or scores 3 points. In the stalls, the rules allow you to make a turn of the opponent, using various girths and grabs, to act with your feet and hands. If the wrestler succeeds in receiving 5 points, he is declared the winner of the period, regardless of the score. “Freestyle wrestlers” are forbidden any actions that can cause pain or suffering to force the opponent to give up: to hit the legs or head, to use suffocating and other techniques that threaten life or injury.

Inventory, equipment
Wrestling matches in accordance with the rules of PHILA are held on the carpet, which is a square-shaped Mat with a vinyl coating with a side of 12 meters and a minimum thickness of 4 centimeters. The main place of the competition, where the match takes place directly, is a yellow circle with a diameter of 9 meters, with a red circle with a diameter of 1 meter in the center. It is to this place that the “freestyle wrestlers” return if the fight is stopped. The fight itself takes place in an 8-meter zone.

The equipment of martial artists is a tight-fitting leotard (blue or red) swimming trunks and special boots-wrestling shoes that do not have heels and laces with hard tips. Wrestlers who come out on the carpet are forbidden to smear themselves with fat, go out sweating, it is necessary to remove rings, earrings, bracelets before the fight, so as not to injure the opponent.

If you compare freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, they have differences, but not in essence, but in style. The only difference is in the use of the legs. “Classics” rules prohibit the use of legs, and even more so, to attack the opponent’s legs. You can not make hooks and tripwires. As a result, classical style wrestlers are forced to use only upper-body strength in order to throw with their hands or lift the opponent’s body, taking a close stance to each other. It turns out that the” classic “” accompanies ” the opponent at the moment of his fall to the carpet. “Freemen” feel freer in this regard. In addition to the fact that they are allowed to use their arms and legs to perform leg grabs and cuts, as well as to fight both in the stand and in the stalls (a method of fighting on the carpet from a kneeling position, lying on the chest, on the side), which significantly increases the winning chances of an athlete.