Description of the sport
Freestyle wrestling is a sport, single combat, in which two people participate. The meaning of such a fight is to put your opponent on the shoulder in various ways – turns, throws, tripping, etc.

Such a match lasts exactly five minutes, during which the participant must score three cherished points to win. If neither side scores three points, the match continues-it is extended for three minutes. If there is no winner this time, the fight continues until one of the opponents scores points.

Freestyle wrestling is a fairly old sport, it counts for decades. It began to spread from England, slowly flowed to America, where the fight was gaining momentum among the public because of “wild” techniques: dislocations of joints, painful techniques, and so on.

Since 1904, freestyle wrestling has been included by the United States in the Olympic games. This brought the Americans much more victories than other countries their sports.

Such wrestling has become popular both in Turkey and in Iran, where the wrestlers of this sport are almost extolled as gods, and the sport itself becomes a national treasure of the countries. Free-style wrestling competitions are held here very actively. After all, many people like this sport very much.

The struggle continues to gain momentum among modern people, especially among young people.