Former member of the Bulgarian national freestyle wrestling team Nikolay Shterev died at the age of 33 from the effects of COVID-19.

— The son of the famous wrestler and trainer Simeon Shterev was hospitalized in a serious condition. And later his father confirmed that he underestimated the situation and asked for help when his son could no longer breathe, — the website of the Bulgarian wrestling Federation says.
In 2011, Shterev won the gold belt of the Dan Kolov tournament in the weight category up to 125 kilograms.

In 2019, he passed a positive doping test for the banned drug cardarin, for which he was banned from competition for four years and this led to the end of his sports career.

Bilal Makhov – on a positive doping test: “This inattention was not malicious intent»

Russian freestyle wrestler Bilal Makhov explained the situation with a positive doping test, which was taken in January this year.

“I still have goals and desires, and I have ambitions,” Makhov said. — But in order to implement them, I need to have a healthy and strong body. And this requires time and attention to it. Now there is a certain stage that I need to go through. As for the situation with RUSADA,I would not say that there are any disputes. But there is a point — I made certain mistakes and some inattention. And now I need to explain to RUSADA — in the sense that this inattention was not some malicious intent. And this inattention of mine must now be justified and proved. And based on this, expect how RUSADA will consider the situation in the future and make its decision.
We will remind, Makhov was recognized as the winner of the freestyle wrestling tournament in the weight category up to 120 kilograms at the London Olympics after rechecking the samples, which revealed violations by the previously recognized winner of the representative of Uzbekistan Artur Taymazov and the finalist of the Georgian David Modzmanishvili. In addition, the 32-year-old Russian is a three-time world champion.