At AEW Full Gear, Darby Allin got his greatest AEW win to date, taking the TNT championship from Cody Rhodes himself. In an interview on Busted Open Radio, Darby explained why he had arranged a night in his car before an important day. “Before PPV? I specially slept in the car. [I did it] instead of sleeping in the hotel they prepared for us. I wanted to remind myself how shitty things used to be. So I spent the night there, and the weather in Jacksonville is still much hotter than elsewhere. It was just a reminder to myself. You don’t need to forget where you came from just because of the importance of the week. To keep this. It makes you want to fight even more. So now I’m grateful for this 13 acre house and ground floor wrestling ring, as well as skate ramps and a bunch of other crazy shit, ”says Allin.

Mandy Rose is eliminated from Survivor Series due to injury after spotting Naya Jax

Last week, Mandy Rose landed badly on her shoulder during a segment with Naya Jax, Shaina Baszler and other girls from the Raw roster. The injury occurred while Naya threw Mandy out of the ring, but the latter caught the rope with her foot and fell with her shoulder directly on the apron. A video of the incident can be viewed below. On yesterday’s Raw, it became known that Mandy and her friend Dana Brook dropped out of the women’s Raw team. According to Dave Meltzer, this is due to the fact that Rose has a very real shoulder injury. She performed in an extremely simplified mode on the last Raw. It is worth noting that although Jax was a direct participant in the spot, her guilt in Rose’s injury is in doubt.