Rey Mysterio told when he plans to end his career as a wrestler

Rey Mysterio on the Keepin It 100 podcast discussed his son’s wrestling debut. During the conversation, Mysterio recalled the untold number of injuries and said that stem cell treatment helps him perform actively in the ring to this day. “Stem cell treatment helps regenerate and heal any part of your body that has been affected […]

Jon Moxley revealed what he plans to do at AEW after losing the World championship

At the recent All Out, Jon Moxley defended his AEW World championship for the fifth time. His run has already surpassed Chris Jericho’s title run in length, but we understand that sooner or later he will still have to hand over his title to some other star. During an interview on Busted Open Radio, Jon […]

The reason for Daniel Bryan’s absence from the WWE show is known

For more than two months, Daniel Bryan has been absent from the WWE show, and his last match so far is the final of the tournament for the Intercontinental championship against AJ styles. Wrestling Observer Newsletter shares the reasons for the performer’s absence. The source draws attention to the fact that Brian disappeared shortly after […]

Makhov still became an Olympic champion. But not on the carpet, but because of the disqualification of both finalists

An amazing story from the fight. After all, Makhov himself is now suspended for using growth hormone.Everyone is already used to the fact that doping news from the IOC is always bad for Russia. Our athletes are either accused of something again, or their old medals are taken away from them. Today is a nice […]

Former member of the Bulgarian national wrestling team Shterev died from COVID-19 at 33

Former member of the Bulgarian national freestyle wrestling team Nikolay Shterev died at the age of 33 from the effects of COVID-19. — The son of the famous wrestler and trainer Simeon Shterev was hospitalized in a serious condition. And later his father confirmed that he underestimated the situation and asked for help when his […]

Olympic wrestling champion Ivanitsky disappeared in the Moscow region

82-year-old Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Alexander Ivanitsky disappeared in the Moscow region, reports “R-Sport”. The pensioner left the house in the Ruza district of the city and disappeared. “The duty unit in the RUz city district received a statement from relatives about the search for a father born in 1937, who left home on […]

All athletes of the Russian national wrestling team passed negative tests for coronavirus at the training camp in the Moscow region

All athletes of the Russian national wrestling team passed negative tests for coronavirus at the training camp in the Moscow region. The Russian women’s national team started training on the basis of “round Lake” on July 11. The collection will last until July 29. “All the test results taken from the athletes during the training […]