The world champion in wrestling from Sweden Jenny Fransson is disqualified for 4 years for violation of anti-doping rules.

Fransson tested positive for the anabolic steroid methyltestosterone. The 32-year-old athlete has been suspended since January 28, 2020. Thus, she will be able to return to the sport after January 27, 2024.

It is reported that the Swedish woman intends to appeal the decision to suspend. Fransson claims that the substance entered her body by mistake, and the laboratory in Sweden testing her sample did not follow WADA Protocol.

Fransson is the 2012 world champion, with a 2019 world Cup silver and three European Championships awards (1-0-2) to her credit. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she won bronze in the 69 kg weight category.

Canada has called on the IOC to allow political protests at the Olympic games

The canadian center for ethics in sport has called on the international Olympic Committee (IOC) to allow political protests at the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Now the IOC Charter has a rule that any protests at the Games are prohibited. Including: kneeling, various gestures, wearing ribbons, bracelets, and other attributes with slogans.

The canadian center for ethics in sport, which also monitors compliance with anti-doping rules in the country, believes that athletes have the right to Express their opinions.

Calls to lift the rule banning protests are also supported by the US and Germany.

The idea to abolish the rule arose against the background of protests against racial discrimination, which are now taking place in many countries around the world.

IOC chief Thomas Bach said he should discuss the idea with the organization’s athletes ‘ Commission.

Ukrainian wrestler and MP Zhan Beleniuk: “the First black mayor of Kiev? That would be fun»

Silver medalist of Rio 2016 in Greco-Roman wrestling Jean Beleniuk shared his opinion about the prospect of taking part in the mayoral elections in Kiev.

In August 2019, Beleniuk was elected as a non-native Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the Servant of the people party.

– There’s a mayoral election coming up, but you can’t go to it. Will you go to the next one?

“Look, it’s a long shot, and I’m actually having trouble answering that question right now.

It came as a surprise to me that I became a people’s Deputy. In five years, everything can change.

The first black mayor of the capital of Ukraine – it would be cool – – said Beleniuk.