Brock Lesnar’s current contract with WWE expired in early September and the former world champion is still a free agent to this day. According to WrestleVotes, WWE is going to use Brock Lesnar in a big three-way battle with Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee at WrestleMania 37. In addition, according to the resource, fights of Roman Raines against Goldberg and Edge against Randy Orton are planned for the main event of the year. It is worth noting that these matches are currently being considered as a working idea, and their official approval will depend on various factors, the main of which will be a live audience in the arena.

Riddle explains why he and Goldberg won’t match

(Matt) Riddle and Goldberg have long feuds outside the cafeteria. Riddle quite often criticizes the two-time champion of the Universe for his attitude towards wrestling, and Goldberg himself once called him a snub in the nose. In a recent interview with BT Sports, Matt shared his thoughts on why they would not likely be in the ring against each other, noting that his nemesis could never beat him in real life: “I think the only way to get Goldberg’s going into the ring with me is letting him kill me. He can’t do it in real life, so here it is. I think he would agree to come out with me in the ring, but if I promise to let him beat me. If we could solve it differently, my goal would be for me to have a pleasant match with him with pleasure. I think I’m good enough to do it. I think I could have done everything as expected, I don’t even think about winning, I’m not the guy, I only think about the quality of work. ” “I don’t think it will happen, I don’t think it will ever happen, the guy literally publicly refuses to acknowledge me several times, in interviews and so on.”