All athletes of the Russian national wrestling team passed negative tests for coronavirus at the training camp in the Moscow region.

The Russian women’s national team started training on the basis of “round Lake” on July 11. The collection will last until July 29.

“All the test results taken from the athletes during the training camp showed a negative result.

And now all 30 girls invited to the training camp are working on the previously planned training program, ” – said the head of the women’s wrestling Department of the Russian wrestling Federation (FSBR) Alexander Borzunov.

Greco-Roman wrestling can be excluded from the program of the summer OI-2024

Namig Aliyev, a member of the Executive Committee of the United world of wrestling (UWW), said that Greco-Roman wrestling may be excluded from the program of the 2024 Olympic games in Paris.

“Recently, Greco-Roman wrestling has lost some popularity, despite the fact that UWW seeks to maintain the audience’s interest by making changes to the rules. In 2022, the youth Olympic games will be held in Dakar, where beach wrestling will take place instead of the Greco-Roman one. Based on the discussions at the meeting of THE uww Executive Committee, I can say that, most likely, Greco-Roman wrestling will not be included in the program of the 2024 Olympics, ” Aliyev is quoted as saying

Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the original Olympic sports that were on the program of the ancient Games.

Earlier it was reported that 60 years ago, German Hari was the first in history to run 100 meters in ten seconds.

Beleniuk, a wrestler and a member of the Parliament: Ukraine will light up the USA on the level of racism

Silver medalist of the 2016 Rio Olympics in Greco-Roman wrestling, and now a member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Jean Beleniuk, commenting on the situation with mass protests in connection with the death of George Floyd due to the actions of a police officer, compared the scale of problems with racial discrimination in Ukraine and in the United States.

Instagram: Beleniuk wrote:” when I am asked if I face racism in Ukraine, I always answer that I do not, although in my Teens I was not spared all sorts of attacks from various marginals.”

He noted that the manifestations of racism that he faced are not comparable to what can now be seen in the United States — in a country with a developed, seemingly, democracy.

“I will not call on everyone to be kinder and so on, just stating a fact: according to the level of racism, Ukraine will give the US a light easily, we have much less of it! This is one, but not the only reason why I am proud to be a Ukrainian and live in this country with its disadvantages and advantages! It’s racism… Racism goes out, today I’m George Floyd, ” the athlete added.

On may 25, an African-American man, George Floyd, was killed when a Minneapolis police officer, Derek Shawin, pressed his knee to his neck while he was lying face down on the road. This incident was caught on video and caused a wide response in the United States, provoking protests and riots across the country.