Darby Allin slept in his car on purpose before winning the TNT Championship on Full Gear

At AEW Full Gear, Darby Allin got his greatest AEW win to date, taking the TNT championship from Cody Rhodes himself. In an interview on Busted Open Radio, Darby explained why he had arranged a night in his car before an important day. “Before PPV? I specially slept in the car. [I did it] instead of sleeping in the hotel they prepared for us. I wanted to remind myself how shitty things used to be. So I spent the night there, and the weather in Jacksonville is still much hotter than elsewhere. It was just a reminder to myself. You don’t need to forget where you came from just because of the importance of the week. To keep this. It makes you want to fight even more. So now I’m grateful for this 13 acre house and ground floor wrestling ring, as well as skate ramps and a bunch of other crazy shit, ”says Allin.

Mandy Rose is eliminated from Survivor Series due to injury after spotting Naya Jax

Last week, Mandy Rose landed badly on her shoulder during a segment with Naya Jax, Shaina Baszler and other girls from the Raw roster. The injury occurred while Naya threw Mandy out of the ring, but the latter caught the rope with her foot and fell with her shoulder directly on the apron. A video of the incident can be viewed below. On yesterday’s Raw, it became known that Mandy and her friend Dana Brook dropped out of the women’s Raw team. According to Dave Meltzer, this is due to the fact that Rose has a very real shoulder injury. She performed in an extremely simplified mode on the last Raw. It is worth noting that although Jax was a direct participant in the spot, her guilt in Rose’s injury is in doubt.

Jake Hager shares how John Cena refused to hand over the title to him in 2010

The last Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania, which took place in 2010, was won by Jack Swagger (now Jake Hager). After that, the performer teased his cash-in on WWE champion John Cena, but in the end he successfully stowed a suitcase on the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. Speaking to Chris on a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, Hager explained that the original cash-in plan was indeed John Cena, but he refused to lose: “I had a little hint, but I had no idea what was going to happen. I teased this [cash-in] on Raw the night before. I hit Seena with a briefcase, I crept up on him when he had one of his shiny promos. Later, as it turned out, he refused to lose the championship to me. We will not talk about it. Wow. “The most selfless top guy in the business.”

Seth Rollins will soon take a hiatus from WWE; Spoiler on the further development of Britt Baker

After switching to SmackDown, Seth Rollins continues his not-so-fresh storyline with Murphy and the Mysterio family. In parallel, Seth became a member of the men’s team SmackDown at Survivor Series 2020. Ringside News reports that, after the next PPV from WWE, “Messiah” will temporarily disappear from the screens. This is due to the fact that they will have a baby with Becky Lynch in December. * * * Reddit user SpaceForce1, who previously shared several spoilers from AEW tapes, announced that a new mini-show by Britt Baker titled “The Waiting Room” will begin next week. The first episode will feature Jack Evans and Angelico. Britt Baker will initially walk through Full Gear’s key figures such as Cody Rhodes, Eddie Kingston and Young Bucks. She will call Eddie a green ranger because of his attira, call Young Bucks’ victory a title theft, and say that Rhodes can always create a new title for himself. Britt even suggested the Cartoon Network Title. Angelico and Evans will complain about the fact that Matt and Nick Jackson are turning the AEW team division into their own vanity project, stating that now their goal is to beat the Bucks, and they will begin to implement it with a match against Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Tony Khan, in response to this article from a foreign source, stated that it was recorded on AEW Dark.

Carmella explains why she decided to change her look to SmackDown

On the last SmackDown broadcast, we saw Carmella in action again, after she attacked Sasha Banks and showed her champion ambitions. After the show, we saw Carmella on Talking Smack and she answered Kayla Braxton’s question why Carmella appeared on the screens in a new way. “All this time it was not me. It just wasn’t me. This was what everyone behind the scenes wanted. It was their image, their vision of what kind of person I should be. And I’m just tired of it all. I returned to what I think is right for myself. I have to be at the top and I will do everything to be at the top. That’s exactly what I did on SmackDown. Very soon, the entire WWE universe, the whole world will know exactly why I am untouchable. They will see a new Carmella, ”answered Carmella.

Miro revealed that Paul Heyman promised him the WrestleMania 36 main event

Miro was visiting Chris Jericho and during the podcast revealed that Paul Heyman was preparing grand plans for his plot against Bobby Lashley and Lana. Miro admitted that Paul Heyman saw in this plot a fight of the level of the main event of WrestleMania, but the plans were never realized. “I went home and for three months, maybe four, I was not on the screens. After that, we got a call from Paul Hayman, who was then CEO of Raw. He told me that I was needed for the plot against Bobby Lashley and Lana. I didn’t like the idea right away, but I asked where it would go and how they saw the finish line. Hayman replied that they had a script ready for three months. This is a big plot that will become the main event of WrestleMania, or one of the main events of the show. What can you answer when you hear such words? Of course I agreed, although I was not a fan of the plot, but it was very realistic. I got the chance to get a significant role at the main event of the year. I didn’t know what would come of it, but I wanted to try, ”Miro replied.

WWE Shows Revenue Growth In Third Quarter 2020 Financial Report; Vince McMahon Commentary

Traditionally, WWE at the end of October will share their financial successes for the third quarter of 2020. Statistics increased in all indicators compared to the same quarter of the previous year. All further comparisons concern only these two quarters.

• Revenue of $ 221.6 million, up 19% year-over-year;

• Operating profit amounted to $ 63.4 million, which is exactly 57 million more than in the previous year;

• Adjusted OIBDA increased from 58.9 million to 84.3 million dollars;

• The average number of paying subscribers to WWE Network was 1.6 million, an increase of 6%;

• The number of views of various videos increased by 3% to 9.2 billion, and the number of hours spent on digital platforms and social networks increased by 3% to 342 million;

• E-commerce revenues were $ 9.1 million, up 60%, offsetting the loss in merchandise sales in arenas due to fewer events (74 fewer shows) this quarter. CEO Vince McMahon commented on the results as follows: “Our financial results in the third quarter were strong and reflected our continued creativity in a challenging environment. We continue to adapt our business, as evidenced by the creation of WWE ThunderDome, with a focus on increasing audience engagement and engagement to maintain the value of our content globally. “

It is known who had to hide behind the Scream’s mask; Cause of the second outbreak of COVID-19 at the training center

As we reported, there was another COVID-19 outbreak at the WWE Prep Center last week, which made some adjustments to the NXT Halloween Havoc festive episode. Dave Meltzer said that the person who was first diagnosed with COVID-19 is a trainer of the training center. Everyone who trained at the center’s gym last Friday has been quarantined. Quite a few TV stars were in that room and none of them tested positive. It is added that Indy Hartwell was supposed to be the mysterious person who intervened in the matches of Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRay at NXT Halloween Havoc, but she just went to a two-week quarantine, and therefore someone else was under the mask. However, this does not mean that the idea of ​​cooperation between Gargano, Candice and Hartwell was discarded.

Ric Flair told why the Undertaker will return and named his possible closest rival

We recently wrote that WWE is rumored to be planning an appearance for the Undertaker at its last big four PPV this year’s Survivor Series, but are not going to give him any matches there. However, RIC Flair believes that one day we will see the Undertaker in a full-fledged wrestling match again, as he detailed in his interview for Inside The Ropes. “I think that Last Ride was awesome. There has never been a better person in our business, and looking at it from every possible angle, I believe he will return. I think that’s what he wants, and I think the fans deserve to see him perform in front of 80 or 90 thousand people live. I think he needs to fight again once we get COVID under control, and that’s going to happen on Mania. I think the match with AJ was great, and I think it’s possible to meet them in the ring as well. And I’m sure AJ will do everything possible to get in the ring with him.”

Seamus admitted that he asked WWE to give him a program against big And on SmackDown, made a forecast for his future

Seamus started a fight against big And on SmackDown earlier this month, which gave us several matches and segments between the wrestlers. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he recalled his match against big And under the rules of holding anywhere and said that big And deserves to be the next WWE champion. “The world saw a different side of big And during this match, a guy who should have been a world champion a long time ago. I hit him as hard as I could, and he hit me back even harder. This match is entirely to his credit. He did it the way it turned out, and I still have marks on my back that remind me of this match every day. He’s a great guy and I think he’ll get to the world title soon,” says Seamus. Seamus continued, noting that their small feud on SmackDown was his initiative. Seamus wanted to show fans how tough big E can be, and show a side of him that no one has ever seen. He added that while everyone knows that big can Make people laugh, now people also know that when it comes to fighting, he can also stand up for himself against anyone.

Ray Mysterio provided an update on his recovery from injury

Ray Mysterio appeared on the last edition of the post-show SmackDown, Talking Smack, where he focused on his recovery from injury. Recall that in late summer, Mysterio suffered a torn triceps during a team match with his son Dominic against Seth Rollins and Murphy and subsequently underwent surgery. “There is no reason why I can’t return to the ring in the near future. At first, I was a little concerned because the procedures (after the operation) were slow and it took me a while to recover my strength. But I’m already 99% ready. So I’m waiting for big things to happen”.

Roman Raines does not consider himself a healer

After his return, the transformed Roman Raines in an Alliance with Paul Heyman made a lot of noise in the walls of WWE. In a recent interview with CBS Sports, the reigning WWE universe champion dismissed suggestions that he is now a healer, instead, the wrestler says, he acts depending on the situation for the character. A lot of people want to say, “Oh, he’s sick.” And “Oh, he’s a baby face,” and this and that. I try to ignore it. I try to look at it in the context of the storyline of a character who has a choice of what to do. Some of his decisions will be perceived as good, some as bad, and some people won’t understand because they don’t understand his point of view.

Triple H “saved” the last issue of SmackDown; which stars were most important for FOX in the Draft; Rock and more

Ringside News has learned that Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn were unhappy with the work of the production team in the first half of the last special episode of SmackDown. There were a lot of missed shots and bad angles. Overall, the situation is described as chaotic. The same resource reports that many good moments on the show were created thanks to Triple H. Moreover, hunter “saved” the show from the position it found itself in during the first hour. *

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the most desirable stars to guide FOX to the Draft were Roman Raines, Seth Rollins with the Mysterio family, and Bailey with Sasha banks. WWE is interested in high ratings on FOX and further collaboration, so all of the above stars were drafted to the blue brand.

WON assure us that Dwayne Johnson is interested in a match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. But you can’t be sure that a person with a rock schedule will be Free by then. Three big matches with his participation have already been disrupted due to his employment in other jobs: solo fights with Lesnar and Triple H and an inter-gender tag team match at WrestleMania 34.

British wrestler Ben Carter, who was once hunted By both WWE and AEW, apparently signed a contract with the McMahon company. Miro on Twitch commented on his situation as follows: “we lost Ben Carter. Ben Carter is missing, he’s gone to the dark side, so… I want to wish Ben Carter the best of luck and all the best, and I was really impressed with his performances.”

Jim Ross has spoken out about the potential return of the Miz to the role of world champion

Jim Ross on his latest podcast discussed the Miz’s career and recognized him as the industry’s super-successful wrestler. During the conversation, Ross recalled his first and only world title of his career, when he defended the championship against John Cena at WrestleMania 27. “I really don’t know why the Miz won the world title back then, because Vince made that decision on his own. I would say it was Vince’s gut feeling and he was confident enough that the Miz would make a contribution to the company as a WWE champion.

It was probably the most interesting way to get through this WrestleMania, and when people left this show, did they think about the Miz retaining the title? Or were they looking forward to Rock and Cena’s match? We both know the answer to that question. They were waiting for the Rock and Cena. He played an interim role that night, even being the main champion in the main event of WrestleMania,” Ross said. The legendary commentator also noted that he does not believe in another Miz title run with the WWE championship, although he notes that he will not be surprised by this decision. Jim added that wrestlers like the Miz don’t really need titles because they can attract attention in other ways. “You can never say never in WWE, because they do really strange things and from time to time beyond their own limits, which is not unusual for any professional genre or an entire creative group. I just don’t think the Miz will be a world champion again. But if it happens, will it surprise me? No, although I doubt that will happen. He’s one of the guys that Jake Roberts was. He doesn’t need a title to get to some goal. As long as Miz is able to communicate freely with everyone, he will be the best guy in the business,” Jim added.

3 wrestling confrontations that are still worth watching during the pandemic

Brian Danielson Ave. Nigel McGuinness – ROH

Every WWE fan knows one of the main characters in this confrontation. Daniel Bryan has already achieved everything possible in the biggest wrestling company in the world, but he began to be considered one of the best performers much earlier. As, however, and his rival, who, unfortunately, did not manage to make a bright career in the big Federation because of the hepatitis b virus. This confrontation, I must say, is far from small, and surprisingly, the first match of its participants was held in the status of two major Champions of the promotion. Danielson was a world champion, and McGuinness was a “pure” ROH champion. I think we should tell you about some unusual rules that were added in matches with the last title at stake. First, participants could use ropes to interrupt pain or hold only three times during the match, second, the wrestler could not hit the opponent with a fist on the head (there was a certain system of punishments) and be on the floor for more than 20 counts of the judge, and third, the “clean” champion lost his title after disqualification or count. This was the first time that Nigel and Brian met in a match like this, on April 29, 2006, on the second day of the Weekend Of Champions. Both had already accumulated an impressive Rhine of several hundred days, each of which was at stake.

Tetsuya Naito Ave. Kazuchika Okada – NJPW

The most distinctive feature is the influence of the audience on the confrontation between Okada and Naito. Although Kazuchika is 6 years younger, the two were well acquainted with the NJPW dojo. By 2012, each of these two had already overcome the classic “young lion” path, during which they were sent to develop their skills on another continent, and it was time for them to break into a row with the main faces of NJPW. However, if Okada did it super successfully in the image of the “Rainmaker”, seriously targeting the main ACE of the company Hiroshi Tanahashi, then Naito was a “genius of Stardust” and, to put it mildly, his first attempt to join the top was unsuccessful. After a nasty loss in 2012, in 2013 Naito finally took the biggest tournament and thus got a ticket to a match for the IWGP heavyweight championship against Kazuchiki Okada at the biggest show of WrestleKingdom. It would seem that a ticket to the main match at TokyoDome will help Tetsuya gain a foothold as one of the main faces of the company, but in fact it brought him an incredible psychological wound, which will take a long time to heal. The fact is that in the final of the climax, Naito met with his mentor Hiroshi Tanahashi, who, in turn, was in the middle of his huge and probably most important confrontation with Kazuchika Okada.

Mayu Iwatani Ave. IO Shirai – STARDOM

There were several interesting women’s stories on my mind, but when it came to the final selection, I didn’t have to think too long, because this confrontation contains the strongest matches. In addition, it is an occasion to recall another great Japanese promotion, which some may know as the forge of the best women’s wrestling in the world. The only person who doesn’t know about IO’s talent and current position is the lazy one, while Iwatani is now the main face of STARDOM, and it’s not hard to guess what the story of passing the torch is waiting for us. To begin with, a little bit about the matchup. First of all, we will be interested in the World Of Stardom Championship (red, the main title) and Wonder Of Stardom Championship (white, the second most important title of the promotion), as well as a little touched on the Goddesses Of Stardom Championship (team titles) and Artist Of Stardom Championship (titles among trios). Stardom also has two key singles tournaments, the Cinderella Tournament and the 5 Star Grand Prix. The first is a regular single-elimination tournament with a match for any title at stake, while the second tournament uses a system with blocks, and winning it guarantees the opportunity to fight for the red title.

“Know that I am innocent.” Iranian fighter executed after taking part in peaceful protests

The world still can’t believe what happened. Everyone is in shock!

27-year-old Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari was executed in the Adel-Abad prison in the city of Shiraz. US President Donald trump, UFC President Dana white, IOC President Thomas Bach and many other influential people tried to save him. But the Iranian authorities were adamant: afkari was hanged, and The family was not even given a chance to say goodbye to him before his execution.

“His death will not be forgotten”
The current President of the United States, Donald trump, drew attention to the case of a fighter arrested for participating in the protests and personally appealed to the government of Iran to pardon Navid. But Iran did not think to listen to the head of the United States.

The 27-year-old was initially charged only with participating in peaceful protests against the country’s economic policies. But apparently, the authorities realized that the execution just for going to a demonstration would cause too much resonance. And they also accused Navid of killing a law enforcement official during anti-government protests.

Representatives of the organization for the protection of human rights said that Afkari was subjected to severe torture, as a result of which he was forced to confess to what he had done.

The US reaction after the execution was immediate. Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo spoke out. He didn’t choose his words when assessing what had happened.

“This is a vile and cruel act. We condemn it in the strongest possible terms. This is an outrageous attack on human dignity, even by the abhorrent standards of this regime. Official Iran will not be able to drown out the voices of the people. Today, we join Navid Afkari’s family and all Iranians in mourning his death at the hands of this cruel and ruthless regime. His life and death will not be forgotten.”

“You broke my heart”
News of Afkari’s execution caught his colleagues right during the competition. The UFC mixed martial arts tournament was held in Las Vegas, where lightweight fighter Bobby green defeated Alan Patrick in the main card. However, the joy of winning quickly turned to devastation and bewilderment when Bobby was told what had happened in Iran. He even had to interrupt the interview because he couldn’t control his emotions.

“You just broke my heart by saying that this guy lost his life. Thought we’d save him. He lost his life. He lost his life simply for the fact that protested. It’s devastating. It’s very sad, I thought we would save him. You broke my heart. There’s nothing to talk about right now, someone is losing their life, and I’m just standing here. I don’t want to talk now, I can’t talk about the fight. This is driving me crazy. I can’t talk. Thank you, I’m sorry.”

Rey Mysterio told when he plans to end his career as a wrestler

Rey Mysterio on the Keepin It 100 podcast discussed his son’s wrestling debut. During the conversation, Mysterio recalled the untold number of injuries and said that stem cell treatment helps him perform actively in the ring to this day. “Stem cell treatment helps regenerate and heal any part of your body that has been affected by injuries. Considering the number of operations I had on my left knee, it helped me a lot. Any of my injuries brought me to the hyperbaric chamber. I had injections in my left and right knee. I repaired my shoulder, which I injured in the match against Samoa Joe at Money in the Vapka, and I also repaired my ankle, which I injured before WrestleMania, and both of my wrists, and both of my biceps, since both of them are torn. I also treated my spine, it was probably the worst pain, ” Mysterio said. When asked how long he can still be active at this level, ray said: “at the rate I’m going, I can imagine myself doing this for about five more years, so I’ll probably retire after 2025 if my health doesn’t let me down.”

Chris Jericho wants Samoa Joe in AEW

Right now, Samoa Joe is part of the WWE commentary team and it doesn’t look like that will change in the foreseeable future. However, in an interview with Saturday Night Special, Chris Jericho said that he would like to see Joe in AEW, and answering the question about who from WWE he would like to see in All Elite. I don’t know if Joe is injured right now or if he’s not feeling well, but I’ll tell you what, he’s an amazing wrestler. He’s a great speaker and just a great guy, I’d love to see him at AEW. I don’t know if he wants to. He may be injured and he’s a great commentator, so if he comes to AEW and steals my potential commentator position, then forget it.